My weight loss journey – PhenQ review

Hi i am Jacklyn Baker. I’m going to share my weight loss story with you through this post. I hope this will help you reach your weight loss goal.

This story is about how I lost my extra weight and what really helped me.

I have been suffering from obesity for four years. I tried to lose weight, so I have followed everything, but, nothing was working for me. I took lots of supplements, pills, powders and potions, but nothing helped me lose weight.

2-week weight loss program called “Venus Factor”.And, I searched many websites to know the things that play a major role in losing weight. I got the below information from those websites.

  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Regular workouts
  • Consuming healthy foods (mostly greens)

I was looking for a weight loss program that works, and after a deep research online, I’ve found one excellent way to lose
weight within 12-weeks.

We all know that nothing in life comes easy, and weight loss is definitely one of those things.

The science of weight loss has to be understood in order to lose all those harmful fat cells and keep them off for a longer period of time.

What happens is, the minute you cross your early twenties (25 years), your metabolism goes into an inevitable decline, as much as 2-4% per year. It becomes an endless struggle to lose weight and look good. At this stage in your life, you are constantly working, be it at home or at the office, and most people have a full social calendar. The fact of the matter is that you spend the majority of your time on things that are considered important such as work, family, and vacation due to which your health takes a back seat.

Besides the fact that most people have a jam-packed schedule, there are numerous who are just lacking any sort of motivation to work out and eat healthy, be it due to personal or social pressures in their lives. This becomes a vicious cycle. According to research, stress has been directly linked to obesity, which not only decreases self-confidence but also greatly reduces productivity.

The results are in front of us. According to WHO, worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980. In addition, an overall of about 13% of the world’s population was reported obese in a survey conducted in 2014 (these numbers have surely increased since then). No surprises there, with the sedentary lifestyle of today, there is no denying that little effort is being put into staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight or lifestyle.

Keeping all of this in mind, we do need an answer to all of these problems which can certainly and positively be answered by PhenQ.


A basic introduction to PhenQ – What is PhenQ composed of?


PhenQ is a relatively new non-prescription drug. This is a legal weight loss pill created from the following ingredients:

  • A combination of cyclic AMP booster enzymes.

  • A fresher and modified version of the ever-popular drug phentermine (minus the side effects originally seen in phentermine).

  • It consists of up to 8 ingredients all of which are pharmacy quality.

Each ingredient of PhenQ has its specific purpose, be it to reduce appetite, to increase metabolism, or a combination of the two.


The exact mechanism of PhenQ – How does it create the desired results?


You lose weight when you ingest PhenQ due to the combination of two to three major factors:

  • It increases your metabolic rate: Your body weight and metabolic rate have a direct connection. The basic metabolic rate consists of hundreds of processes taking place in your body in order to produce the energy required to fulfill your daily tasks. When this rate is increased, it means more processes are taking place in your body, leading to a greater amount of calories being burned.

  • It causes hunger suppression: It does so by sending neuronal signals to your brain that you are full, which means that it gives you a feeling of fullness or satiety even though you have eaten less amount of food. In this way, you are automatically taking in fewer calories per day.

  • It does not affect your muscles: What it doesn’t do is break muscle mass. It is explicitly designed to target the fat cells and burn them down to give the desired weight loss effect.

These three factors combined with a specially designed diet plan and exercise regimen can help you consume fewer calories while burning more fat, which leads to the overall equation of weight loss.


What are the benefits of PhenQ?


PhenQ is a very powerful product by itself, which is readily available without any hassle or prescription. It is the only supplement of this type produced from high-quality, FDA-approved ingredients. The way that these ingredients synergize in PhenQ is no short than a miracle to achieve. It does not have a one-dimensional approach to weight loss but rather a combination of key factors.

All of the weight loss promised by PhenQ is achieved without sweating profusely in the gym or starving yourself. You do not feel grumpy or moody all the time as you are not starving after you take this pill. In fact, this pill gives you the extra energy you need to kick start your day, and you no longer feel the need to overload on coffee for that oomph you are looking for.

Being starved or feeling constantly hungry is the main reason for people to fall off the bandwagon and regain all the weight they have just lost, but PhenQ does not make you feel those hunger pangs that are so hard to resist.


Customer reviews


As PhenQ is a considerably new supplement, there have been no long-term studies conducted on it. However, from what the customers have to say about this pill, one can gather that it has a greater percentage of positive reviews. Here are just a few of them:

  • Even 30 minutes or so after taking the pill, people did not feel hungry or famished which truly shows the efficacy of this drug.

  • People have reported having greater amounts of energy and a feeling of positivity due to it.

  • Customers have even reported of losing up to 1-2 pounds per week without doing intense workout sessions (which is a major plus of this product).

  • They get to eat 6 meals a day which is perfect for most people as they don’t have to regulate their diet all that much.

  • PhenQ has even been tried by postpartum females who cannot lose the pregnancy weight by themselves and have given positive feedback. This goes to show that this drug is relatively safer to use for new mothers, though it’s better to consult a doctor in such cases.

  • Once combined with exercise, PhenQ practically becomes a lethal weapon against fat cells as some people have lost up to 26 kg in 3 months.

  • People have reported feeling more optimistic toward their weight loss regime for a much longer period of time.

  • The quality of life of most customers has improved immensely without interfering with their daily routines.

  • Some customers have even reported having zero side effects, which is a huge plus.

  • Regular customers who said they had missed a couple of doses to a whole week worth of doses have claimed not to have any side effects at all.

  • Some have even lost 15 lbs. in one month, even without following any diet or exercise regimen!

  • It’s especially effective for people who always have a strong urge to overeat all the time as it helps them curb their appetite.

  • The only side effects reported by some customers were that they had to urinate more than they normally did and the color of their stool had changed.

  • People have definitely professed that when nothing worked for them, PhenQ did. When they had lost all hope in products and of losing weight at all, they regained it all back by using this product which not only gave their metabolism a boost but also helped them regain their self-esteem and confidence.

All of the above information has been gathered from real testimonials of people who have used this pill and gone through the remarkable journey of weight loss.

Not all reviews came out to be positive. Some people have claimed that this pill did not give them the results that they always desired or dreamed of. Nevertheless, PhenQ has more positive reviews than negative ones.


Is PhenQ for everyone?


If you have all those extra pounds in fat cells or adipose tissue, then this is especially made for you.

If you are one of those people who do not have time to undergo heavyweight exercise routines, extensive workouts in the gym and follow a strict diet plan, then this pill can definitely be of great help.

For all those people who have recently lost weight and are still having a problem keeping the weight off and maintaining it for a longer period of time, this pill is the answer to all their questions.

Having said that, a 100% guarantee can never be given (not just for this product but for anything out there) that it works for everyone. One has to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a ‘magic pill’ or a ‘miracle potion’ which works on all customers at the same level or gives the same results for everyone.

However, there is countless testimonials of people giving positive feedback of this product.


Side effects of PhenQ – The other side of the story


In this day and age, with the internet surrounding our lives, you come across tons of different products and supplements promising to help you achieve your dream weight quickly, so it is only standard for you to feel a bit weary and cautious toward such ‘miracle blends.’ All these products do have some sort of negative effects on your body, and PhenQ is no exception to that rule. As a future customer, it is highly recommended that you have all the information regarding PhenQ before you make a decision on whether to use it or not.

PhenQ may cause the following:

  • Stool inconsistency (consistency of the stool becomes hard or soft).

  • Dizziness may be experienced.

  • There can be an increase in your blood pressure.

  • You may feel that your heart is beating at a faster rate than it normally did.

  • Having difficulty falling asleep at night might also occur.

The point to be noted is that among all these side effects mentioned, change in the consistency of stools is the most common. This cannot be seen as a severe side effect, and it hardly ever affects the quality of life.

As of yet, there have been no reported cases of any sort of serious illness following the use of this drug. Any cases of hospitalization following the consumption of this pill have not been reported either. PhenQ does not in any way endanger the life of its consumer or jeopardizes their health in any way.




There are a wide variety of weight loss solutions nowadays, including various diet supplements, herbal blends and pills. How is PhenQ any different? PhenQ actually works for all those people who are looking for a stress-free way to lose their stubborn fat.

All the weight loss promised by this pill includes burning off fat cells while the muscle mass remains intact. With different components brought together under one pill, PhenQ is a unique blend created in the US in FDA-regulated and -approved labs. As of yet, no incidences have been reported claiming that PhenQ is unhealthy for human consumption.

Another essential fact is that you get a 45-day money-back guarantee on every single purchase. Hence, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can easily be reimbursed. This goes to show the confidence of the manufacturers in their product and gives you some sort of assurance that you will not go into a financial loss after purchasing PhenQ. This product is easy on your wallet as well. What more could you ask for?

All in all, the pros undeniably outweigh the cons in every way we look at it. PhenQ may just be the answer you are looking for.